Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Picaresque-pade

  • Discovered much treasure in a false bottomed chest! Two magical scrolls!
  • Ambushed four lizardmen and the monk was pummeled to within an inch of his life. 
  • Tricked two lizards into leaving their lair. 
  • Discovered much treasure! A Red Apple Cup that will heal the weary when filled with with apple based alcohol, made by hobbits no doubt (when cider is poured into this goblet, it may be drunk to heal 2d8+4hps, once a week). 
  • Also an old lizardman named Wrecan who offered all his knowledge in exchange for help escaping to a safer swamp. 
  • Left the the Fane of the Sun Swallower to return to the Dw-Orcs hideout. 
  • Ambushed Dw-Orcs and drove them off, killing their mother. Took one prisoner. 
  • Found a large dragon egg and used a Unseen Servant to hide it in the small swamp skiff.
  • Addendum:
    • The Mirror of Truth does not reflect illusions. Resident Devil Palmonides will answer one more question for Althea. He says that Arrows of Dragon Slaying are held in the Fortress of the Warlord Monks, 100 miles from Blackmarsh, in the northern chaos wastes of the Kraal. This happens to be where Que was trained as an monk. The fortress was corrupted by Chaos.