Monday, December 1, 2014

In Pursuit of Death Itself

Having recovered from their travails and thoroughly sick of the spoilt brat of an elf princess, the heroes responded with favor to the Good Knight Sir Istivin's request for assistance.  The town of Cromm's Hold had been attacked by a night dragon!  It only left when given the ransom of a forgotten relic of Water.
While the folk of the town buried their dead and rebuilt their walls, Althea the Enchantress, Per the dour ranger, Q the Monk of Ellsworth, and Artamesis Witchling of the Elf Queen, braved a fetid swamp in search of the thieving dragon, crowded in a small boat, poling their way through a maze of foxtail, will-o-whisps, and reeds. They slept in a mysterious shipwreck miles from the sea.  They battled dwarfling-orcs before discovering a ruined Temple of the Sun, inhabited by Lizardfolks and fiery glanded beetles, whom they slew mercilessly, gaining many treasures.
A dank eve passed in a mouldering library and the heroes steeled their nerves for more adventure!