Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Dungeon Crawl Classics Warrior Class for D&DV.

Fighter Archetype: Warrior 

Melee is a wild place where a combatant may survive through spontaneous wit, luck and adrenaline as much as skill or brawn.  The Warrior illustrates the chaotic nature of battle.

  • At 3rd Level a Deed Die replaces Proficiency Bonus, like this:

3rd = d4
5th = d6
9th = d8
13th = d10
17th = d12

  • Deed Die adds to Attack, Damage, Strength and Constitution checks.
  • Mighty Deed of Arms is successful on a Hit and a Deed Die roll of 4+
  • A foe may resist some maneuvers by Making Strength or Dexterity Saving Throws vs DC = 8 + Standard Proficiency + Str(or Dex)
  • A Mighty Deed uses Bonus action in addition to the Attack.
  • Mighty Deeds of Arms are similar to the Battle Master Maneuvers in the D&DV Player's Handbook; all are available, all the time. Most Maneuvers have some sort of effect, like a Trip, Disarm, Encouraging Shout, or Feint. Never add any "Superiority Die" damage, as the Warrior is already adding the Deed Die to Damage.
  • 7th level: Deed Die applies to Intimidation Insight or Perception Checks.
  • 10th level: Warriors become Leaders of Men.  If they establish a home base at a Castle, Keep or other fortification, they may attract 1d6 loyal retainers of 1st level, per level above 10th.
  • 15th level: Deed Die applies to Initiative rolls and Dexterity Saving Throws.
  • 20th level: Re-roll all 1's on Deed Die.

This is just another mechanical iteration of the same old Fighter. The Warrior class is lifted straight from DCCRPG. It offers variety of maneuvers limited only by the vagaries of the dice. I'd like to play this, a non-tactical improvisational Fighter.