Sunday, October 27, 2013

D&D Sunday Sundown Online, will it last?

Once again turning to the power of technology to keep the gaming spirit alive.  We had a good group together a couple years ago and it seems to have reformed online via the G+ Hangout option.  We played a first session last Sunday and it went well.  Looking forward to the sun setting tonight.

We played Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, heavily houseruled.  I'm going for a sandbox, hexcrawl campaign this time.  Trying to make it even more episodic than ever.  The characters are in a city in a marsh by the sea.  There is an endless hell of stone dungeon beneath the castle, and there is all to explore for miles around.  The players decided to venture forth to find some water nymphs that are said to have treasure.  Along the way they stopped to moderate a merchants' squabble, which lead to tracking down a demon slug in a granary.  The slug turned out to have mutated into a Flailsnail.  The druid* summoned a host of animals to drive the beast into its shell, but none could slay the thing.
Finally, the pushed it into the river, and it floated away, a swirling iridescent shell in the current.
And that was it.
Tonight I think they'll show with different characters, but more or less the same mission.  I have some dungeons scattered about, and a hexmap dense with notes, and that's it.  We'll see how long this one lasts.

*Druid is a homebrewed class of mine.  The player rolled a crit for the spell.  100 bears.  I've yet to run a DCC game where spells did not drastically alter everything.  That's really my only concern with the system at the moment.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Still Rolling Dungeon Crawl Classics

Well, I settled into a DCC routine.  This blog started with a bit of D&D IV and I just realized my last post from a year ago was about the D&D 5 beta. 

In the last year I haven't rpg'd much, but when I have it's been the DCC.  There was a long stint of sporadic one-shots, but about a month ago I started up a play by post game on Google Plus. 

The players are in room 4 of a classic old D&D module.  I had them all start at first level, rather than slog through a "funnel", which has sort of lost its luster for me.  Half the group plays all kinds of story games and the other half had been playing AD&D.  None of them are particular about the system, but all are great roleplayers. 

We are having a good ol' time, though postage campaigning is brutally slow.