D&D V Common Rulings of the House

Common Rulings for Dungeons & Dragons V
  1. Group Initiative: One player rolls a d12.  DM rolls a d12.  Tie goes to the players.
  2. LIQUID COURAGE: Imbibe a dram of wine to fortify: +1d6hp.  More than once per day just gets you drunk.
  3. A dropped torch provides 10ft dim light, goes out on 1 in d6, each round.
  4. Firing into Melee: -1 to Hit.  Fumble hits random combatant.
  5. Called Shot: A combatant may take Disadvantage to make an attack that does x2 damage or imposes condition (like blind, slow, or morale check). The Disadvantage cannot be offset.
  6. Any class can cast a spell from a Scroll with an Intelligence or Wisdom Check: DC10+spell level.  Failure incurs a Wild Magic roll.
  7. Dwarves can smell gold at 30'.  Dwarves are terrible swimmers (DisAdvantage).
  8. Rangers’ Natural Explorer ability applies to all terrain.
    • Primeval Awareness does not use a spell slot.  Usable with a Wisdom Check DC15.
    • 10th level: Improves Critical Hits, all foes
    • Animal Companions: In combat, roll a d6: 1-Attack; 2-Attack; 3-Help; 4-Dodge; 5-Dodge; 6-Disengage or use an Action to direct the Animal
  9. Wild Mage Sorcerers roll on Wild Magic Table anytime they roll a 1 or a foe rolls a 20 to Save...
  10. Fighters’ Remarkable Athlete adds ½ Proficiency bonus to their regular rolls, skilled or not.
  11. Fighters become Leaders of Men at 11th level.  If they establish a home base at a Castle, Keep or other fortification, they may attract 1d6 loyal retainers of 1st level, per level above 10th.  
  12. Fighter Archetype: Warrior
    • At 3rd Level the Deed Die replaces Proficiency
3rd = d4
5th = d6
9th = d8
13th = d10
17th = d12

    • Deed Die adds to Attack, Damage and Strength and Constitution checks.
    • Mighty Deeds of Arms are same as Battle Master Maneuvers; all are available, DC=8+Prof+Str or Dex
      • Mighty Deed of Arms is successful on a Hit and a Deed Die roll of 4+
      • One Deed per turn.
Hit Points loss represents mostly non-physical injuries, luck and minor scrapes.  They do not recharge on a long rest.  
½ of total Hit Dice are recovered after each long rest in the wilds.  Level of HD/day in a comfortable inn.  
These Hit Dice are spent to heal Hit Points.  
Grievous Wounds represent the actual big hits.
Whenever you take damage that reduces you to 0 HP, you suffer a Grievous Wound.  
That character has Disadvantage on all rolls determined by your Wound roll until it is healed.  A Critical Hit or a hit of 50+ dmg that drop a character to 0 HP forces a roll on the Lingering Injuries table in the DMG p272.
Roll 1d6, unless circumstances dictate a particular condition.
1. Beaten - Strength
2. Broken - Constitution
3. Crippled - Dexterity
4. Disoriented - Intelligence
5. Dazed - Wisdom
6. Scarred - Charisma
7. Damaged Armor -1d4AC
8. Damaged weapon or equipment (roll randomly)  

Wounds are recovered through the Restoration spell, a Medicine roll DC 20 after a Long Rest (one check per wound), or 2d6 weeks of rest (1d6 weeks if maintaining a “Comfortable” lifestyle).

You rolled a 1! Roll again. If your roll is less than 10, grab the dice.
d20 : Fumble Effects
1 Wild Swing:   Hit ally for 1d4 (roll randomly)
2-3 Muscle strain or self harm: 1d4 to self
4-6 Disarmed:  Your weapon goes flying 1d10’
7-9 Wide open: Nearest enemy gets a free wack.
10-20 Stumble and lower your guard: Foes have Advantage on next attack.
Magic Users Roll on the CORRUPTION and WILD MAGIC table.

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