Saturday, November 18, 2017

Uncommon Evening: Playing Elf Games While Married

I'm newly married.  Last night my wife and I enjoyed a pleasant evening in, cooking a lovely meal, drinking wine, and making it halfway through a game of Ticket to Ride.  During dinner we got to talk about the state of the new marriage.  I am so very happy with my lady love, but there's one thing she's never done for me.  
-"What's that?" she said.  
-"Be my Dungeon Master."

She plays an elf wizard in our weekly D&D game, but she plays very casually and she had never even considered running a game herself.  Half drunk, we gave it a go.

I said, "I'm a hobbit named Dougie." 
She said, "You are walking through a forest, a clear path, but brambly.  Why are you there?"
-"I'm looking for the witch of the wood.  I want her to turn the evil duke's tax collector into a pig."
-"Ok.  How do I decide what happens next?"
-"Here, use this chart.  I think you roll a d20." I handed her the Labryinth Lord book. 
-"You see a bugbear!  He says, 'What are you doing here?'"
-"Oh shit!  I tell him I'm looking for the Witch.  Can he tell me which way the witch went?"
"I don't know what the bugbear will do.  How do I know?"
"You either decide, or you can roll the dice. 2d6 for a reaction roll."
"I'll roll."
"Hold on. Let me find out what my Charisma is!"  I rolled 3d6, scoring a 16!  "Rad.  I get +1 to that roll."
She rolled a 7: Uncertain.  
-"I toss him a half empty wineskin.  'Take it good sir! Brambleberry Wine, the best!'  And I run away down the path."
-"I guess he doesn't follow.  He drinks the wine."
-"What next?"
-Roll: "What is this?  I don't even know [looks it up] .  You see and eagle a huge huge eagle -a roc."
-"Woah that's big.  You said it was overgrown.  I hide under the brush."
-"Make a roll."
-Roll to find out my Dexterity score: 7 "Terrible!  Roll under on a d24.  Not even close!  I ask the roc if it knows where the witch is."
-"I'll roll to see if he speaks."  1 or 2 on the d6.  Rolled a 1.  "It doesn't talk.  The roc swoops down and starts pecking, looking for a little morsel to eat."
-"I run for it!  Can I roll Wildcraft find a hollow log or something?"  Roll to discover a wisdom if 10, then rolled under it on d24.  "Huzzah!  I crawl through the hollow log into a creek bed."
-"You can't say where the log goes!  But ok.  You go up the creek for awhile, leaving the roc behind.  Then you see an elf.  He's fishing with his hands.  He says his name is Eugene."
-"I impress him by catching a fish." Failed roll.
"He's not impressed.  But he sort of likes you so you guys hang out and make camp.  He says he'll show you the way to the witch in the morning."
-"Great.  We camp out then."
-"In the night you are ambushed by the Bugbear!"
-"Oh no!  No you have to play the Elf and the Bugbear."
"Oh geez..."  There ensues a bit of discussion about what Hit Dice are and how they affect attacks and hit points.  The LL book is not perfect for my Uncommon systyem, what with it's descending AC.
Finally, "Working together, you and the elf kill the Bugbear."
-"Huzzah!  Thanks babe."

18 Charisma!
So, we had a totally spontaneous game, using nothing but the LL wilderness wandering monster tables and it was great.  The wife was totally imaginative and got right into it, rolling to discover the answers to questions she hadn't thought of.  It was a pretty amazing moment.  One I never really thought about or thought would happen.  Silly as it was, it was pretty intimate imaginative moment.  What a rad lady.  I must have aced a bunch of reaction rolls myself.  

Later I rolled the rest of the ability scores for the hobbit.  Dougie is terrible.  6 Intelligence, 7 Dexterity... I made him a cleric.  He just has to pray he survives to find the witch.