Saturday, November 11, 2017

Barrowmaze #24: Crypt of the Grey Ooze

A short session in barrow mound 5.

It turned out the antifa tomb robbers were actually in the employ/thrall of the newly created Church of Aliontus, who showed up with his entourage to dig into the crypt while the dwarves did some drinking.

Aliontus had been reading some old scrolls reference an expedition by paladins long ago, corroborating the story of the ghost of Sir Guy.  It is suggested that the blackguard apostate Sir Dhekeon is entombed in one of these mounds.

Skeletons came alive while the delvers rifled through old bones.  The power of St. Ygg held them back and they were destroyed while cowering.  A sarcophagus was looted only after splattering an acidic grey ooze, at the loss of a suit of chain armor.

Back in town, the carousing ending in many hangovers, and a goblin disease.  The afflicted has begun to turn green, his nose elongating and sprouting warts, eyes be-yellowed.