Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Barrowmaze #25: Vault of Gelatin and Ghouls

Once more into the maze.  This week, six doughty venturers braved the barrow horrors.  Getting an early start, two dwarves, two clerics, and two warriors made a swift march to the Mound of the Secret Stair, a discovery from the previous season exploring.  This entrance is known, and they were following muddy tracks down.

Not sure where to explore, the dwarves insisted on following the tracks, until they came to a large chamber with a rune carved  black obelisk.  Lurking at the eastern doorway were 6 ghouls.  The hungry dead were swiftly beaten back, and some of them fled before the light of Ygg.  Chasing east, the company was bemused to see a tomb robber suspended in the air.  It was suspended in a Gelatinous Cube!  The dwarf nearly lost all.

Sometime later, the group were rifling through old bones, pulling up various treasures, when a passage was found in the wall, a secret network of natural tunnels.  Besting a group of sapphire skeletons the group pressed on into the warrens, discovering and slaying a set of runaway ghouls.   They paused as they discovered a dead end chamber filled with musty smelling water, deep in the maze.

They've run down a torch, eaten a ration and used up a handful of their spells.

Tonight's battles felt a little easy.  It's got to be a little quick I guess because the monsters do a significant amount of money.  I worry a bit about this continuing as they level up.  Fighters do a lot of damage with the added Deed Dice at 3rd level.  I might have to give monsters full HP per Hit Die, or maybe just switching up to scarier monsters.