Thursday, December 21, 2017

Storm King's Thunder #30: Doom in the Desert

Finished it.  The campaign met its finale with a final battle against the blue dragon.  No PCs died, though I kinda spaced out and forgot to attack a couple of times.  High level fighting is silly. 
Happy to turn over the DM screen to my friend for Tomb of Annihilation!
We'll have some one-shots occasionally where they will finally fight Tiamat.  I'm thinking instead of using Rise of Tiamat, I'll use some of the high level stuff from Out of the Abyss.  Fight some demons then go to hell and fight Tiamat.

The best part was the holiday spirit.  Pants brought custom shirts for everyone with a red d4 pun on them.  The group also went in on buying me the new book, Xanathar's Guide.  Second year in a row I have received a Christmas book signed by my players.  I was really touched.  I feel so lucky to have this group these days.  It's been two solid years of D&D.  The wife's wizard is 12th level.  We played through two official Type VI campaign books and I am totally ready to hand off the DM duties.  The location will change as well.  We'll play at the next door neighbor's house.  It will be a good change of pace.  I got a bit tired of the plotted out campaign and I wasn't as excited to DM the newest book, though I'm stoked to play in it.  Of course, my Barrowmaze campaign continues, with my heartbreaker booklet that I am more into every time I play. 

The battle itself was fine.  Imryth lurked in her sand pile for awhile while her gargoyles and cave-ins softened up the intruders.  A pit to Hell was found, guarded by a massive bronze statue of Tiamat, who exhaled poison gas and whispered words of doom and portent, of the coming of the Mother of Wyrms.  Finally Althea the Bearer of the Black Mask donned her cursed garb and was assailed by doubt and temptation.  She knew that she needed only to betray her company to the reap a reward of ultimate power upon the coming of the Apocalypse, but though she wavered she would not be turned.  The fire lady launched a fireball into the sand pile, revealing the ancient blue wyrm! 

The old conniver was enraged.  She surged forward and roared her electrical fury at the Company of the Raven, leaving the elven mages, both light and dark, a pair of smoking ruins.  A red skinned demon emerged to steal Althea's Mask of the Black Dragon.  Apollo healed his magical friends.  The barbarian and bard assassin engaged with the demon then the dragon herself.  Though her tail thrashed and the heroes were between within inches of their lives, the might of sword and spell prevailed just as it had in Barovia against the dread lord Strahd.  The dragon was slain and the realms were safe for a time.

The Maelstrom Court pledged friendship and alliance with the Lords of Waterdeep.  Bards sang the praises of the brave cloud sailors.  Noble titles and lands in contested places were bestowed, with great thanks from the people of the Sword Coast.  Yet even as the depredations of giants eased, a low rumble of rumour and dread was heard from place deep below...