Saturday, December 2, 2017

Storm King's Thunder #28: A Deal is Struck with Old Snarl

The heroes did some dragon research at Candlekeep and used the Scry spell to scout the Klauthen Vale.  Klauth the Red greeted them and they came to an agreement: A loan of the airship in exchange for the hoard of Imryth the Blue.  The sounding of the Drakkorn.  Picked up the ship (delivered by Harshnag the Frost Giant), and sailed toward Silverymoon, enduring a demon attack along the way.

The Saga
The King has returned!  The giants have ceased their depredations as the Lord of the the Storms walks among them, re-asserting his authority.

Back in Waterdeep, the Company of the Raven wasted no time in deciding which dragon to confront -they wanted that flying boat back.  The wizard, sorceress and bard spread liberal coin around the libraries of Waterdeep and Candlekeep, traveling down the coast to that citadel of scholarship was a boon.  There was a myth of Maegara the Fire Elemental once walking the cleft of Klauthen Vale, thus creating it's temperate climate within the frozen Spine of the World.  Klauth himself was said to be an elderly dragon, appearing in every era of history, clever, cruel, imperious, and often covetous of other dragons' wealth.  It was said that 100 years ago a Company called Force Gray made a pact with the old wyrm in order to slay a lesser one.  This was good beta!

As the Company returned on horseback to Waterdeep, all the land was deafened by a long droning sound.  A sound of portentous doom.  None knew what was the providence of this sound, though none in all of Faerun failed to hear every note.

Using a newly acquired Crystal Ball, Althea the Wizardess set about searching for the Flying Ship she had learned to fly those many months ago.  She did so, finding it tethered within a grand cavern.  Panning about with her Scrying spell, she came upon a pool of water glowing with a strange light.  Looking closely at the water she found herself looking at the back of her own head!  The dragon was spying on them as well!

A game of Message spell ensued.  It became clear the old red was willing to lend his ship in exchange for the hoard of Imryth.  That was good enough for the Company.  They made haste to the Harper Circles of Rapid Transit and swiftly found themselves expeditioning from Mirabar to the gates of the Vale.

Approaching the Vale, a figure strode from the mist, a long chain trailing from his massive should like the string on a balloon.  It was their old companion Harshnag!  He had survived the collapsed of the Temple of Annam by joining Klauth's teleport and the two had reminisced about old times, for Harshnag had been a member of Force Gray 100 years ago.  He presented the ship, the Red Balloon, sadly scoured of the hoard of Skyreach Castle.

Back in the skies, the Company of the Raven flew east, hoping to reinforce their magic resources in Silverymoon.  In the distance they saw a flight of dragons, heading south.

In a cloud of fire and brimstone, a trio of demons appeared on the deck of the ship.  A fat pig headed demon radiant with rainbows, caused many to cower in his presence.  Two vulture like creatures screamed and farted death spores.  A desperate fight ensued, only ended when Esra the Sorceress came to her senses long enough to cast Banish and send two of them back to hell whence they came.