Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Storm King's Thunder Sessions #22-24

Collected Notes: Sessions have been interrupted by real life good times, but we are playing regularly again, and I am hoping the campaign finds its way to a good pausing point before the holidays.  A player wants to DM Tomb of Annihilation (I've been avoiding all spoilers) and I am happy to hand over the screen.  Although its amazing to have had such a long running campaign, I don't love DMing high levels.  But it will be a pause.  I've got ideas cribbed from all the other type V campaign books for adventure into the epic levels, but I wouldn't mind making that episodic.  In any case, they are very close to find the lost king.  Looking forward to it!

August 17th:  Blow the Horn to Travel Beneath the Waves

Alright! We are back in the saddle. Two weeks in a row. Both roleplay heavy sessions. Players are leery of taking on more than they can handle. 10th level mostly. Closing in on 11. They got the Maelstrom Horn (its a dragon horn in my game) from Queen Guh. I had to have an attendant goblin chase them down and tell them where it was. But the players were not so ready to attend the Maelstrom Court. A while back they had stolen a flying ship from a gang of dragon cultists. This ship was stolen back by its rightful owner while the group explored the Temple of Annam. But the players can't let it go. For one thing, it contains a massive horde of treasure and I have been gouging them terribly to buy potions and such. Also, players hate it when things are stolen.  They actually travelled back to the Spine of the World Mountains (via teleportation) and began an expedition to the Klauthen Vale, but were intimidated and turned back by the brooding aspect of the place.

August 31st:  Chaos in the Maelstrom Court! 

We had guests so they played the storm giant sisters Mirran and Nym. It was awesome. They were way more evil than I could have made them. Imryth was unmasked but escaped without the scepter. Mirran snatched it from the elf wizard who had used a Time Stop (!) scroll to snatch it from Imryth. Mirran then claimed the throne and packed Serissa off to the dungeon. She then told the party to scram, though not before they found a certain wooden coin with a goose on it they recognized from 10 months(RL) ago! (A player even drew the goose during the session way back then, so I handed that drawing back to the group. Still took a while to remember.)
Now the group is on the trail of Hekaton, wants to return to depose the vile queen and still is hoping to fight Klauth for their flying ship... good times.

October 18th:  Inspecting the Golden Goose.

Last night was detective time / keystone kops. What to do with the Golden Goose token found under the Wyrmskull Throne?
Good on me for foreshadowing that EARLY in the campaign. It just so happened the party had partied in Waterdeep on just such a casino boat and were able to track down some decadent acquaintances to direct them to Yartar. A short teleport later the group was posted up in a posh yacht harbor cafe scheming for a way to sneak onto the Grand Dame. Eventually they decided to go with invisibility. This lead to hilarious hijinks -bumping a platter of glazed hogs head into the river -drinking with oarsmen in the galley -but ultimately the group were immediately suspected and questioned by the hawk-eyed Pow Ming. The mage slayer finally got up close and personal with a wizard but succumbed nevertheless to a SUGGESTION to jump off the stern. Soon after, the clerical knight strutting around in full plate was obliged to follow by the purple faced viking guardsmen. This left a dark elf using ALTER SELF to pose as a particular patron, hobnobbing with Lord Drylund in the captains quarters. All the subterfuge had gotten her alone with the guy and one other weakling noble. What would she do? 
-"Wait a minute, why are we here? What am I supposed to ask this guy?"