Thursday, October 26, 2017

Storm King's Thunder #25: Casino Boat Showdown

  When last we left the drow sorcereress in media res, she had reached a moment critical of critical subterfuge in her attempt to gather information from the sleazy politician and casino boss, Lord Drylund, so she altered her self and became a half dragon robed in purple and claimed, "I am from the Cult", much to the confusion of Lord Drylund.  He was taken aback and said, "Who are you?  Who sent you?"  She accused him of betrayal, to which replied that he had done everything asked and the cargo,  was delivered to Rauthym, sleeping on the Morkoth.  Then his pet octopus jumped on his had and ripped his throat open.
  After a battle that featured the solo sorcereress nearly dying in a fight with an octopus, the group slew the Purple Vikings and parlayed with Pow Ming.  She professed her ignorance of the whole affair, but offered her services to the Dragon Cult for power and profit.  The sorceress and her companions left Pow Ming and traveled back to Waterdeep.  Bards knew well the Purple Rocks of Rhauthym the last desperate outreach of mankind into the Sea of Swords, a thing the Elves of Evermeet despise, for the Purple Rocks represents all that that detest of humanity.
  There was one captain in Waterdeep brave enough to challenge the high seas of the Sea of Swords in late fall.  He would brook no negotiation of his price.  And so they prepared to set sail, search for the "Morkoth" though they knew not what that was.
  The campaign draws closer and closer to conclusion.  Perhaps they shall prevail.  Perhaps they will sink beneath the waves or even fall victim to sky whales.
  The casino boat was a little strange.  They knew the clue was connected here, but there was little to suggest who it was connected to and how.  Even now, I have no idea how the clue made it into the Maelstrom court.  Did hirelings of Drylund actually get paid in wooden tokens?  Did a bunch of mercenaries actually succeed in kidnapping a giant giant?  They must have had help.  Anyways, it's over now.  On to the battling.