Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Barrowmaze Session #21: Escape from Skull Mountain

Glory and success!  A rescue mission complete!  The prince is found though he was nearly passed by.  The skull delvers woke a lava spewing living lizard statue which nearly burned Erik the Red to death, then ran passed it to explore burial catacombs, then descend further where they triggered a portcullis trap and the alarm was sounded.  Fleeing back up stairs and retraced steps, the company tumbled the living statue a second time, then peeked into a side room and found the Prince Himself, shackled, drugged, but alive.  Erik sensed a spy behind a tapestry, and stabbed right through, slaying one who guarded a laddered shaft down.  The body was wrapped in oil soaked tapestries and set alight to hinder pursuit.  Then, carefully avoiding returning bandits in the labyrinth, the company fled out the maw of Skull Mountain, eager to claim their reward from the Duke of Ironwood, but curious as to what fell secrets and great treasure still lurked in the depths of Skull Mountain.

Skull Mountain has been tested. A dangerous place. Where will they go next? Back to the Barrowmaze? Off to search for a pink comet in the Dolmenwood?

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