Sunday, May 21, 2017

Barrowmaze Saga #20: Beneath Skull Mountain

The campaign has taken a side trek to the not-so-megadungeon of Skull Mountain. Small dungeon levels make for quick progress. The party of 6 now contains characters of 4th and 5th level. My Uncommon Dungeon rules are soon to be stretched by this, but it has worked out so far. It will be interesting to see how higher level characters do in the sprawl of Barrowmaze (if they survive the depths of the Skull).

Deeper They Delved

Foolhardy, the would be rescuers of the missing Prince of Ironwood Motte stepped through the incorporeal curtain of darkness into the Demon Maw, stumbling in silent darkness, then discovering a side passage and a ledge overhanging the great skull caldera. Molten lava bubbled below (and perhaps a crooked bridge of some sort).  A long hot descent, or a narrow stair?
Down the side passage, emerging from a secret door into a counting room, a vault of treasures, and an ambush!  Someone stabbed Erik the Fighter, then fled into darkness.  Chasing the assassin, the delvers soon found themselves in pitch battle with hulking man-lizards, and set upon by a mystical duelist as well, who escaped from the elf wizard's Web and struck the fey one down.  The lizardmen were dispatched by mighty blows from the fighting men; the shadowy assassin turned to stone by a fortuitous blast of the Wand of Wonder!
The signet ring of Prince Kay was found, but where was the captive himself?

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