Sunday, April 7, 2019

Rare Character Classes for Uncommon Dungeons

Although actual play time has been squeezed out of late due to impending fatherhood and home improvements, I continue to tweak my personal ruleset, Uncommon Dungeons, a mishmash of basic D&D, DCCRPG, LOTFP, and any number of houserules found across the blogland.  Recently I've been messing around with a document I call Uncommon Explained, which is meant to be an eventual rulebook as opposed to the stereo instructions style of my current minimalist pamphlet.  Slow going there.

In the meantime, my son is overdue to be born and I have fall ill with a cold, so I spent the day indoors writing up new classes for the game, to entice my friends away from Type V whenever we have have a chance to start a new campaign.

The intention of these classes is to offer the intrigue of something different without adding new mechanics.  I want to avoid the fiddly-ness of the D&D V classes.  The details of each class should encourage a particular style of play: bold and brash in the case of Cavaliers, skulking and careful for Rangers, savage and reckless for Barbarians, and in the case of the Accidental Hero (updated Alice), something completely different. 


 “Chaos will not corrupt me”
Apostate, Puritan, Avenger 

  • Hit Points d8 per level +1 Attack per level 
  • Demon Slayer: Roll War Dice as a Fighter vs Undead, Demons & Creatures of Chaos (d3, d4, d5, d6, etc) 
  • Save d20 vs all Fear & Mind Control 
  • Cold Stare: Know the true nature of a creature after 1 minute of intense scrutiny. Evil creatures are discomfited and may not lie (Charisma Save) 
  • Puritanical: May not Carouse for XP 
  • Cast spells of Order ≤ ½ level, rounded down Spell Points equal to ½ Level + Wisdom bonus 
  • Heal: 1 Spell Point = 1d6 Hit Points or 1 Attribute 
  • Banish: Witchhunters step forward & brandish their holy symbol to hold back undead & devils: 2d6 HD/Order of monsters cower for 10 minutes, or as long as the holy symbol is held before them. Attacking Banished monsters breaks the spell. Cost = 1 Spell Point. 
  • Divine Petition: Witchhunters can attempt to cast spells beyond their limits with a Wisdom Check, d20 + Spell Order. Failure = -1d3 points from a random attribute 
  • Begin with a Cold Iron short sword, Holy Symbol of Ygg, dagger, leather armor, waterskin, tinderbox, 1 ration, 5 torches, haversack (8 items, MV3, 90’) 


 Berserker, Wild Man 

  •  Hit Points d12 per level 
  •  +1 Attack per level 
  • Warp Fury: Toss aside all armor and slay! Add War Dice as Fighter to attack & damage and roll d20 for all Saving Throws. Barbarian is then weakened -1d on all rolls for 1 turn. 
  •  Illiterate 
  • Begin with a battleaxe, waterskin, tinderbox, 1 ration, 5 torches, haversack (5 items, MV4, 120’) 


“Heed the call of the Wild”
Huntsman, Scout, Warden of the Wood 

  • Hit Points d6 per level 
  • +1 Attack per level 
  • Sneak Attack a surprised foe: roll d24 for a critical hit 
  • Guile of the Fox: roll d24 Intelligence to Hunt, find Tracks & detect Traps. Roll d24 Dexterity for Stealth. 
  • Druidcraft: A ritual of one Turn casts a Spell of Order ≤ ½ level, rounded up 
    • 1st Order: Soothe the Savage Beast (animals will not attack), Speak with Animals, Purify Food & Water 
    • 2nd Order: Silence, Delay Poison, Charm Animal, Message, Obscuring Mist, Detect Invisible 
    • 3rd Order: Cure Poison & Disease, Locate Object, Resist Fire & Cold, Gust of Wind 
    • 4th Order: Feast, Speak with Plants, Summon Animals, Charm Monster, Wall of Fog 
  • Spell Points equal to Level + Wisdom bonus 
  • Begin with a bow, arrows, and dagger, leather armor, 50’ rope, waterskin, tinderbox, 1 ration, 5 torches, haversack (10 items, MV2, 60’) 


 “I challenge thee!”
 Knight, Noble, Chevalier

  • Hit Points d8 per level 
  •  +1 Attack per level 
  • Chivalric Challenge: The cavalier boldly challenges evil doers to change their ways, offering parlay & penance before. Foes check Morale. If foes choose to fight, the knight rolls War Dice as a Fighter and all allies gain +1 to attack. Cavaliers must be wearing plate armor and maintain a splendid lifestyle to use this ability. 
  • Coat of Arms: The cavalier’s reputation precedes them. Charisma bonus to Reaction Rolls from Lawful Creatures. Negative bonus for Chaotic creatures 
  • Begin with a sword, lance and dagger, plate armor, shield, helmet, heraldic tabard, horse, saddlebags (10 items, MV1, 40’) 

Accidental Hero 

"Alice then did something quite astonishing..."
The Alice, Alistair, Alison, 7th Son, Fool 

  • Hit Points d4 per level 
  •  Roll d24 on all Saving Throws (Hobbits roll d20) 
  • Roll d24 on 3 Tasks: Stealth, Tinkering, Climb, Legerdemain, Use Magic, Performance, Haggle, Find Traps, Wildcraft. 
  • EXASPERATION: In times of unusual stress Accidental Hero may become Exasperated. This Exasperation causes fate to take notice of the hero, and then to aid her. The hero says or thinks something like “Oh I can’t conceive how I ever fell into this deplorable circumstance!” or “We are indeed doomed and now birds will gnaw our eyes.” 
  • Roll a d4 on the Exasperation Table from “A Red and Pleasant Land”.  The die type increases at 5th, 9th, and 13th level.  Accidental Hero may express Exasperation once every real-time game hour (as games focus almost exclusively on stressful times, these represent the periods during which the gods are most likely to take notice). 
  • When gaining a level, roll on Alice Level Up Table
  • Begin with a book, wine bottle, tin of 6 biscuits, satchel (5 items, MV4 120’) 

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