Thursday, April 20, 2017

Barrowmaze #18: Journey to Skull Mountain

The Barrowmaze has been left behind for a spell. On to Skull Mountain! The Dolmenwood is slowly being introduced as well.

A prince was missing and an old foe to be dealt with.  The Company rode north along the east edge of the Dolmenwood as a pink comet crossed the sky westerly. On the second day Skull Mountain was sighted.  Itinerant peddlars gave some rumour of the place, as did the half orc turncoat Gruk.

The rescuers approach carefully, wary of the numbers of cultists and bandits celebrating fiery rituals at the mouth of the skull.  Leaving the horses with Friar Buck, they clambered around and scouted from above, discovering the “eyes” were barred caves housing look outs.  Descending, the group set an ambush on the trail, assailing a pair of bandits at the first grey light of morning.  The prince was “within”  Finally, the group ventured forth, rappelling from the dome of the skull to the mouth itself, sneaking inside quickly.  They found stairs and ascended, slaying to the two archers of the eyes.