Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Storm King's Thunder Session #4: Wandering the Libraries of Waterdeep and the Roads of the North

TL;DR  Stories of Giants, Dragons, and friends throughout the Sword Coast and the North.  A harrowing battle shows the folly of picking fights with the big guys.  The map is wide open.

In the aftermath of the fire giant attack, Harshnag and the Druid Saffron looked to the tower of Lord Protector Darathra to hold it up and protect those inside, but Ezra the Dark Sorceress felt her spell slipping from her mind like a fish and the last giant appeared amidst her companions, furiously laying waste about him.  In the melee, the bard was brought down and the giant fled, only to be frozen solid by Althea the Elfin.  The colossus tumbled and fell into the Pleasant Platter restaurant, crushing all the fine china.

In the days that followed Harshnag and the Company of the Raven helped to clean up the carnage of Triboar as the greyhanded frost giant told his tale.  In his rumbling voice he said that he had been in the court of the Storm Giant King when both King and Queen were assaulted, the queen slain, and King Hekaton lost in the deeps.  Now the “Ordning” is broken, and Hekaton’s rule of humble hermitage is undone and  the giants run amok, each lord thinking they can ascend to the Wyrmskull Throne and become the largest of giants.  Duke Zalto seeks to rebuild a warmachine to conquer the Realms, Queen Guh seeks to eat, starving the Waterdeep and the North.  The schemes of the frost giants in the frozen plains beyond the Spine of the North are unknown, as are the capricious desires of the Cloud Giants.  Harshnag seeks to protect the people of the north from the foolishness of giants.  He believes the time draws near when he should consult the Eye of the All Father in the Temple of Amman, far to the north, in the Spine of the World.  He invited company with him, for they are mighty heroes.  

The Company of the Raven had many interests.  They had been offered reward in the dwarven Citadel Adbar, contact with the wizard Krow Valharrow in Everlund, and they wished to return to the comforts of Waterdeep to explore the cloud castle that floated there.  The good giant gave the druid a gong and told her if ever she climbed to a mountain top and tolled the bell, he would hear.  

So the company traveled to Waterdeep, where they found the flying castle had pulled anchor and drifted north. They consulted the dragon sage Chaz, and traded their tale of the dragon Gnawbones for his research on the Black Dragon mask.  They learned it was one of a number of dragon masks used by the Cult of the Dragon, a secret society dedicated to serving dragons and increasing their power, serving Tiamat and creating the dreaded Dracoliches.  They bard, cleric and sorceress consulted the libraries of Waterdeep and found many tales of giants and dragons.  They earned the friendship of a gentleman scholar named Mintertem, who gave them the deed to his patrimony, a fabled giant slaying blade held in a tower northwest of Silverymoon.  

Finally, the group traveled north, beginning the month long trek to Everlund.  The journey was mostly without incident, only the bard ate Lady Seeds harvested by the druid at the edge of the High Forest and became a woman.  Then a squad of red bearded giants was seen out on the Evermoore (and a flying castle seen miles beyond).  Reckless and brave, the Company of the Raven Ambushed the giants, slaying four, though not without serious injury, and they were forced to camp near the moore, hoping not to be disturbed as they had accosted their foes.