Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Still Rolling Dungeon Crawl Classics

Well, I settled into a DCC routine.  This blog started with a bit of D&D IV and I just realized my last post from a year ago was about the D&D 5 beta. 

In the last year I haven't rpg'd much, but when I have it's been the DCC.  There was a long stint of sporadic one-shots, but about a month ago I started up a play by post game on Google Plus. 

The players are in room 4 of a classic old D&D module.  I had them all start at first level, rather than slog through a "funnel", which has sort of lost its luster for me.  Half the group plays all kinds of story games and the other half had been playing AD&D.  None of them are particular about the system, but all are great roleplayers. 

We are having a good ol' time, though postage campaigning is brutally slow.