Monday, April 9, 2012

Dungeon Crawl Classics is Emerging

Well the DCCRPG pre-order PDF is out, and I am really stoked. This game is great. The art is fun, the writing style is engaging and knows its audience (long time gamers).

I've been playing the game sporadically for the last 6 months, and really having fun with a fast and loose play-style as well as an ever expanding house-rule document (which I'll post here pretty soon). My house-rules have veered a ways from the final rules, but that doesn't bother me at all.

In celebration I thought I'd post a couple things I've generated over the weekend using some great random tables included in the Monster and Sword Magic chapters.

Rat Razor
+1 Lawful Shortsword
Sword smells Skaven within 100’
Sword detects Invisible 1/day, by sense of smell.
Wielder is convinced Skaven exist, and can convince others of the truth of this unfounded rumour.
Int 6, communicates with Inarticulate Urges, Moans and Groans
Forged by dwarfs, with a pommel shaped like a gear and basket hilt guard, this stout triangle blade of tarnished silver was forged during the Forgotten Vermin War of the preceding century.

Dunzagron the Old Bronze Steamer, an Ill-Tempered Erudite Chaos Dragon
HD 5 (small house size)
Speed 50’
Initiative +5       
All Saving Throws +5         
AC 20        HP: 30
Attacks 4d20 +8:  Claws(d8+5), Bite(d12+5), Tail Slap(d20+5)
  Dive Bomb: +12; 2 Claws 2d8+5 or Bite 2d12+5
Steaming Breath: dmg 10; Fort DC15 for half
  2/day; Cloud 1d4x10’ radius, range 60’
Spells: d30+6  Charmer: 100’
Ekim’s Mystikal Mask, Animal Summoning, Patron Bond: The Three Fates, Invoke The Three Fates, Detect Good, Nythuul’s Porcupine Coat, Ray of Enfeeblement, Slow, Runic Alphabet, Fey
Dunzagron lives in the Sunken Temple of Yoong, unearthing and studying the cuniform scales that are continually lost and found again by his slow-witted servitors.  Occasionally he holds seances with three Devil Frogs that can last for months.
His treasure is a horde of tarnished silver coins, and elven arms piled in the offerings basin of the great idol (which he unconsciously resents) in the chapel.  He steams cleans the creeping muck regularly.
What the Dragon is doing when found:
  1. In a sussurating trance state
  2. Steam cleaning himself while perched atop the idol
  3. Debating with the Devils of Yoong
  4. Steam cleaning his treasure
  5. Sleeping while hanging from the ceiling
  6. Directing a lizardman work crew
  7. Interviewing a talking elf skull
  8. Out hunting