Friday, February 18, 2011

My First Red Box

It was on the back of a Captain America comic books that I first saw the horn helmed fighter warrior raising his sword against the red dragon in that cavern of infinite treasure.  I must have told my parents how neat it was because soon enough a battered red box appeared.  It was a hand me down from my older cousin.  The books had been drawn in, the dice were long gone, and the character sheet filled out, but the first foray into the lair of Bargle was as fresh as ever.  This was 1987. I was 10 years old.

I have a distinct memory of sitting on the sidelines of a basketball game at the high school gym, where I would line up for P.E. four years later, reading the solo adventure for the first time. I still have a fondness for the blacksmith who told me knew me as a small boy as he prepared my first set of platemail.  Then it was off to battle snakes in the lair of Bargle and mourn the tragedy of Ahleena.  I didn't watch the sports being played that night.  I am not sure if it was basketball or indoor soccer.  It was far less exciting than the game I held in my hand.